Demand Factor Formula

Demand factor is defined as the ratio of maximum demand to the connected load.

Demand factor (DF)= Maximum demand/Connected load

The maximum demand (MD) is always less than the connected load at any power station and hence the DF is always smaller than 1.

Example 1: The MD at a certain system is 18 MW, whereas the connected load is 25 MW. Determine the DF.

Solution: DF = 18 MW / 25 MW = 0.72

Example 2: The electrical load (connected) at a certain power station is known to be 3 MW. The DF is 0.7. Find the MD.

Solution: MD = DF * Connected load = 50 MW * 0.7 = 35 MW

Example 3: The CL at a certain station is 10 MW. The DF is known to be 0.8. Determined the load that is joined.

Solution: CL = MD / DF = 10 MW / 0.8 = 12.5 MW

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