Kirchhoff’s Voltage Law Formula

Kirchhoff’s voltage law or KVL formula relates the behavior of voltage in a loop. A loop is a circular path formed by the combination of resistors.

Statement: The sum of voltage rise in a closed loop is equal to the sum of voltage drop in that loop. The mathematical equation which relates the KVL:

∑Vrise = ∑Vdrop

Let’s consider the closed loop circuit with three resistors and a voltage source.

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Example: A 5 V input source powers three series resistors. The voltage drop across first and third resistors is 2 volts respectively. Find the voltage across the second resistor.

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∑Voltagerise = ∑Voltagedrop

Vin = V+ V2 + V3

5 V = 2 V +  V2 + 2 V

V2 = 5 V – 2 V – 2 V

V2 = 1 V

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